Renee Belong

Your personal guide through the Real Estate process


Native to Nova Scotia, I spent countless time enjoying the beauty of the Maritimes, comprised of fresh air, uncongested space and plenty of adventuresome days. Now as an adult, those attributes of Nova Scotia are still richly appealing to me.

I have spent over two decades in Vancouver, B.C as well, where I exchanged Nova Scotia’s ocean views for B.C’s spectacular mountains but ultimately it could never trump my love for N.S.

I spent much of my free time travelling and researching the real estate market in N.S for pleasure which led me to recognize how consumed I was becoming with my love for real estate. Eventually this passion and drive led me to move back to my roots and begin my career in real estate. Now living in the area of Annapolis Royal, filled with a rich history and beautiful character, I am able to help others experience all the greatness this province is and has already offered me. Whether you are needing advise on selling your home, buying for the first time, or investing in property, I am here to help you along that road.

Understanding what it’s like to “walk in my clients shoes” happened organically as my first home purchase transpired while out of the country. I can empathize greatly with many of the struggles that people face, especially when they are not local to an area, leaving them to put a greater deal of trust into the agent that’s working with them. My career paths in life have always showcased my strong work ethic, honesty, exceptional focus on maintaining and fostering new relationships with clients and a constant drive to do better than the time before. These attributes have been key for my successes in a professional environment and will carry on to be key attributes for me helping you. I will be the REALTOR®️ that works endlessly to make your experience a positive one.

Renee Belong
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